Moodmetric Mobile Scope for Research

395,00  (VAT 0% 395,00 )

Moodmetric smart ring is an easy-to-use and accurate research tool. Mobile Scope is a data capturing tool that enables Raw data streaming from the ring to a mobile phone.



Mobile Scope

Mobile Scope is a data capturing tool that enables measurements in a field setting.
Mobile Scope is available for Android phones only.

How it works

  • Moodmetric smart ring is worn normally
  • Android phone with the Mobile Scope installed captures the measurement signal, when near the wearer of the ring


Values stored

• Timestamp
• MM level
• Instant indicator (fast indicator to see
how a person reacts to different stimuli)
• Acceleration: x, y, z components
• SCR (skin reactions per minute)
• Raw conductance

Ordering process

Mobile Scope is intended for research use only. One or several Moodmetric rings have to be bought prior or at the same time as the Mobile Scope. One Scope covers several rings and can be downloaded to several phones, i.e. no more than one Scope per research group is needed.

The download file (apk) requires the ring identifier codes (xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx). Contact prior or after the purchase to communicate the identifier codes. The apk file will be emailed in a couple of days after receiving the identifier codes.